Modern artificial stone round black carbon steel base dining tablecan accommodate peoplewhite artificial stone turntable



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Panel material Artificial stone
Leg material metal
galleryful 8
Turntable material Artificial stone

This modern and simple dining table will become the core of your dining, because it is not only the place where you hold dinner and family dinner, but also adds beauty to your space. Undoubtedly, the most striking thing about this dining table is the contrast between the snow-white panel and the aesthetic texture on the table top. Candlesticks can be placed on the big space desktop to create a romantic atmosphere for loved ones and create a beautiful environment for family dinners and delicious food ~

Product description:

[White Simple Appearance] This round table is made of artificial stone, and it is made into a perfect dining table with exquisite craftsmanship, which can accommodate 8 people. The hollowed-out base adds a touch of medieval simplicity to this table.

[Strong dining table panel & easy to clean] Desktop is one of the strongest surfaces, made of sintered stone, which is pressed into a blade shape after heating, providing you with a desktop that can be used for many years. This material can prevent burns, stains and scratches, and has the characteristics of heat resistance, fire resistance and antifouling.

[Stable base] This dining table adopts a black carbon steel base, which is hard and stable for the big advantages, and can keep the level of the whole dining table.

[Rotatable disk] Adding a rotatable disk to the dining table can increase the area of the dining table. The rotating design can make everyone in the family taste every dish easily.

Product advantages:
[Anti-fouling & easy cleaning] Extremely low water permeability can make oil or liquid impermeable, and the desktop can be kept clean only by wiping.

[Fire resistance and high temperature resistance] When in direct contact with high-temperature objects or flames, it will not deform, crack or emit gas or odor.

[Using natural materials] Natural materials do not release harmful substances, and are 100% recyclable. No radiation, direct contact with food.

Warm tip:
During the processing of natural materials, there will be subtle changes in color tone, surface texture and texture, and there will be subtle differences with pictures, which is a normal phenomenon. Natural changes are not regarded as product defects.

Product Attribute = Main Color – White ,Main Material – Metal ,MPN = RDTT150W-RDTL2B-RDTT80W, UPC = , PLACE OF ORIGIN = China , SELLER = ATUNUS


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